Monday, October 8, 2012

Old Favorites

I really love discovering new music.  I get super excited about new bands and new albums from bands I love.  There are some songs and albums that I always return to, though.  Some of these are songs that I've been listening to since middle school.  I think they remind of old times and they never really get old or seem outdated to me.  Actually, I regularly sing Chesterfield King to the boys.  I don't really know a lot of lullabies, so I go with songs I know all the words to. 

Oh, this would be a good time for a confession!  When I was about 14, I just absolutely adored Courtney Love.  I used to wear little barrettes in my hair, sport baby doll dresses with Doc Martens, and paint my lips with a red magic marker.  There was even a time when my hair was a shade of blond.  Scary, I know!
I saw Hole live at a Lollapalooza one year and Courtney was amazing.  She was also probably the most vulgar woman I have ever seen and even then she sort of crazy.  I saw another band on my list at that concert, Sonic Youth.  They were my absolute favorite and I was so disappointed in their performance.  I thought they were awful, but I still love them.  I'm totally rambling now, but Pavement was there also and by the time they came on, people were throwing mud towards the stage.  They stopped playing half way through their first song, the singer mooned the audience, and then they walked off stage.  Weird, right?  Anyway, on to the playlist!  What are some of your old favorites?

Old Favorites by molldoll527 on Grooveshark