Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October's Crafternoon

This month's crafternoon was so much fun, as always!  I was pretty overwhelmed by all of the great supplies we had to choose from.  Heidi really outdid herself, but then again, she pretty much always does!  I think I may actually make some more little Halloween decorations on my own, now that I've had a taste, and I think Oscar would have fun making little pipe cleaner ornaments.  Besides the amazing craft supplies, there was the yummiest selection of food, and a really fun gift exchange.  Heidi and Jessee have much better pictures and more details from the get together, so check them out too!

 Lindsey and I had the same idea this month and made little goody bags.  How cute is her owl bag?!
 I wish I had gotten a better picture of Heidi's amazing centerpiece.  It was so pretty!  This is just a small selection of the delicious food!  Everything was so yummy, but those little red coconut covered cake balls were my favorite. 
 This is my awesome gift from our exchange.  It's a Dia de los Muertos travel kit from Jillian, with candles, matches, buttons, key chains, and little flowers.  It goes perfectly with the little shrine I have in my craft room!
Here are my little Halloween guys and gal (clearly the orange gourd is female).  I had so much fun making them!

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