Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Beach House Tour

As I mentioned previously, my family used to own the house that we rented last week.  It looks a bit different now, but there were definitely some familiar sights.  The old fireplace is still intact and the little closet in one of the bedrooms that used to scare me as a kid is still there and still possibly scared me just a bit.  The house was lovely and it felt great to be back in a place where I have so many fond memories, so I thought it would be nice to share some of my favorite parts of this cute little house. 

 Here's the front of the house.  The boys spent mornings out here with my dad greeting people on their walks and playing in the mulch.

The house never really had much of a back porch when my family owned it.  It was nice to sit out here and eat ice cream at night.  I may have eaten ice cream just about every night!

 This is the living room.  See that vintage cabinet against the wall?  I had a moment where I thought about just loading it up in the back of the car.  They wouldn't have noticed, right?

This is the fireplace I was talking about.  I realize that this picture is kind of fuzzy and bad, but you get the idea.  Seriously, I'm not a photographer at all!

This was in an area called the family room, but it's really just the other end of the dining room.  I really liked the red chairs.  I had visions of sitting here with my morning coffee and a newspaper, but really it was just a spot for us to drop things off after coming in the back door.  

The boys loved the benches in the dining area and Oscar would arrange them in a line about ten times a day and tell us that he was either making a choo choo track or a sidewalk.  We really didn't even need to bring toys along on this trip!

This is the little closet I mentioned.  Sure it's seemingly innocent, but I'm certain some sort of troll lives in there!

 Again, a horrible picture, but this bookcase was in the upstairs hall.  I thought it was nice of the owners to leave all those books and games.  If I hadn't had little ones to entertain, I would have read half of those books while laying on the beach!  Instead we mostly ignored everything here.

See that little door?  That was the outside shower, Oscar's favorite part of the whole house.  Normally Oscar is afraid of the shower, but he loved showering outside and asked to shower outside last night.  Donnie, add outdoor shower to your list of home improvement projects!

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