Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mostly Lazy Days

The boys and I spent a lot of time in our pajamas this past week.  Between the bad weather and being sick, I managed to only work part of one day out of the entire week.  We did a lot of playing, mostly with trains, but also with Play-Doh.  I could set up train tracks all day long!  There was a ton of silliness and jumping from the coffee table to the sofa (Mama doesn't actually approve!) and we even managed to get dressed for a quick toy store and frozen yogurt run.  I tried to take a lot of pictures, but my little guys don't really stay put for long, so most of my photos are blurry.  Don't these kids know I have a blog to update?!  On Sunday, I did actually get dressed and went to the loveliest baby shower, but I pretty much put my pajamas on as soon as I got home!  It's good to have some lazy pajama days sometimes, isn't it?

 I know Oscar looks freaked out, but he's just giving some love to his new Caillou toy!

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