Monday, November 12, 2012

Hello there!

I had a pretty hectic week at work and, as a result, I just couldn't really find the motivation to blog or do much of anything else.  I really like updating my blog as often as possible, because it's something that really makes me happy.  I don't know if it's the sense of accomplishment or maybe just that I really like to write.  I'm hoping to get back on the blogging wagon this week and have some ideas for things I want to share, but for now, here's a playlist.  There's not really anything linking these songs, other than they are just songs I enjoy.  Maybe you will too!


  1. I think it is just this time of year. Home, Work, Social life is just plain crazy!!!
    I hope to see you at the next crafternoon. Our own little sanity keeper.

    1. It is a great sanity keeper, isn't it? I'll see you there!

    2. Crafternoons are really the one sane day I have each month!