Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Thrifty Date With Myself!

On Saturday, I had a chance to have an entire morning and afternoon completely to myself.  I really cherish my time alone, especially since these days it is few and far between.  I used to love spending an afternoon  browsing antique shops and flea markets, because clearly I am an old person trapped in a younger person's body.  This Saturday, I had the chance to do just that.  I hit up a bunch of nearby thrift stores, went to one of my favorite places for lunch, and then headed to a flea market/antique mall.  While everyone else was apparently out preparing for the big storm, I was loading up on vintage glassware and dishes.  Priorities, you know?  I got a ton of stuff, but a lot of things are going to be gifts, so I can't share them yet.  Here are some of my finds... 

I'm not really sure about the purpose of this little deer hanging, but the little space on the bottom is just big enough to hold a book of matches.

I got this gravy boat for my mom, but I'm no good at keeping surprises, so I've already given it to her.  It's so perfectly fall!

 I thought these little wall hangings were sweet, but the faces Don and my mom made say otherwise!

I got these wall hangings for the boys' room.  You can't go wrong with Sesame Street!

 This guy nearly got left behind, because he was a hefty $10, but when I realized his eyes opened and closed, I bought him.  Oscar still used a pacifier at night time, up until last week when we decided he needed to get rid of it.  I have been trying everything to make bedtime easier and have been giving him my old raggedy stuffed Grover to sleep with.  Oscar gets pretty annoyed, though, that Grover's eyes remain open.  It's bedtime for Pete's sake, Grover!  Anyway, he instantly fell in love with Sleepy and is now calling him Peekaboo.

I've been seeing this kind of doll recently and this one was inexpensive enough to buy.  I'm pretty damn cheap, if it wasn't already clear.  I've previously disclosed my love for fairy tales and specifically for Little Red Riding Hood, so of course I love her!  Her dress opens up to reveal her story.

Onto my favorite finds, vintage glassware! 


I wish my camera would better show the colors of these glasses; they are so pretty and sort of pastel.  I love tulips and now have accidentally started a tulip glass collection.  I actually picked up a smaller tulip glass on Saturday too, but I forgot to take a picture and am just too lazy to do it now.  Take my word for it, it's cute too!

 This glass is much bigger than any of my other vintage glasses.  I will be filling it with ridiculous amounts of iced coffee!

This is hands down my favorite find of the day.  It was tucked away on a tall ledge, behind a shelf.  I wonder if someone was hiding it.  I had to actually stand on my toes and reach as far as I could to grab it.  There are six glasses and the great pitcher.  I think these sets are by Anchor Hocking. I have a set in another pattern, but I've never seen this pattern before.

I really enjoyed my alone time and loved finding so many amazing things, but the best part of my day was going to pick up my little guys from my mother in law.  I picked up some little toys for them at the thrift shops, which made them even more excited to see me!  I hope everyone is having a good week and staying as dry as possible. 


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