Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Madman With A Box

A few months ago, a friend suggested I watch Doctor Who.  Another friend from work was always talking about how great it was.  I grew up watching the show on PBS and I don't really remember it being that great, but I thought I'd give the relaunch a try.  Holy smokes!  I pretty quickly learned what these friends were talking about and have been sucked in ever since!  I now spend entirely too much time talking about this damn show with anyone who will listen, have flown through the entire series, and have amassed a small collection of tee shirts and artwork.  It is really weird to say that a television show about a time and space traveling alien changed my life?  It is?  Oh well, I just said it!


  1. It changed my life too, I'm a lot pickier about the shows I watch now and I buy way more sci fi art than I ever expected too! And I'm about to add that Harold and the purple crayon themed print to my collection. Nice find!!
    I'm so happy I know someone else who is as crazy, or crazier, about doctor who as I am!!! :)

    1. Haha! I am definitely crazy about the doctor! I loved the Harold print. I think I want it as a tee shirt!