Friday, November 16, 2012

Another Thrifty Post, Of Course!

I've had a few occasions recently to go thrifting with some awesome friends and we've found some pretty great things.  I've picked up lots of things to give as gifts, but I can't really show those off yet!  I've been especially amazed by the cute Christmas decorations.  I'm heading up to my grandparent's to recharge and I'm thinking my grandma and I will probably at least pop into the nearby antique mall.  Strolling through a thrift or antique shop is so relaxing and one of my favorite things to do, even if I don't find anything.  I'm hoping for some things this weekend, though.  Here are a few of my recent finds!

This felt Santa is my favorite Christmas find so far.  Heidi took me to some of her favorite spots and that's where I found both of these items.  I got some really cute vintage clothes for the boys there too.  I'll have to show them off in another post!
 The Santa in the top right is a candle and the guys on the bottom are salt and pepper shakers.  I think Mr. and Mrs. Claus are meant to be a candle holder, but I think I'll use it to hold candy canes!

 This is another find from my trip with Heidi.  We think she holds a birthday candle.

 I have plans to spray paint these guys!

 These are my favorite kind of old children's books!

 This story is so cute and you can't go wrong with Maurice Sendak!

 I was drawn to the cover of this book.  The stories are actually kind of odd and don't really go along with the cute cover.  For instance, there's one about Lewis and Clark.

Vintage cookbooks are the best, especially ones by Betty Crocker!
 I found the cookbook first and was so excited.  I love anything to do with the Girl Scouts and the cookbook actually has great recipes.  I found the magazines later in the day.  The ads are my favorite, but there are some articles and features that are fun to look at too!

 This little guy was in a bag of graduation decorations and doesn't look like he's ever been used.  I think I'm going to open up his honeycomb decoration and display him on one of our shelves.

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