Monday, November 19, 2012

Backseat Dance Party!

This week's playlist is a short one.  When the boys and I are driving home each day, I usually have my iPod on shuffle.  Oscar is pretty vocal about his dislike of darn near every song that comes on, but there are a few that he likes to listen to repeatedly.  Both boys clap their hands, dance, and try to sing along to these songs.  Well, Ben kind of just yells along really.  For a long time, Oscar only wanted to hear Wonderlust King, which he calls the da da dat song, but we've started to slowly add some songs.  Thank goodness!  Here's what we are currently listening to on our drive home each day.  Let's hope we can add to this playlist soon!


  1. We love Gogol Borello. Netflix has an awesome documentary on them and it made me love them even more!

    1. Oh, we will have to check that out! We are big fans!