Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's okay to hang art on the ceiling, right?

I have a confession.  I cannot stop buying art prints!  There are just too many gorgeous pieces out there.  My to-be-framed pile is building up and I am going to run out of wall space at some point!  I am doing my best to cut back and when I do buy a print, I'm trying to only buy one that will fit in a standard sized frame.  What's up with all the odd sizes?!  To get my fix of art, here are some prints I've been drooling over!

I love s'mores and I love Morrissey!  There's no way I could go wrong with this baby!! 
How great is this?!  I have started seeing a lot of Adventure Time prints, but this one is totally different.  I love that it's made to look like an old board game!

I actually have the matching print to this one hanging in my living room.  It's a Decemberists concert poster.  El Jefe does a lot of great concert posters.  We have a couple of their prints that we've picked up at craft shows.  

I don't think you can go wrong with any prints from this Etsy shop.  They're all completely lovely and remind me of illustrations from old children's books.  
This is another Etsy shop where all the prints are awesome.  I seriously have a hard time picking my favorite, which is probably why I haven't bought any of her prints.  There is a whole series of fancy dress prints, but I chose this one because it's Doctor Who and that may be something else with which I have a slight obsession.  That's for another post, though!  If you love video games, sci-fi, and cuteness, you'll love this shop!
Yeah, I know, another fox.  I like foxes, okay?  I especially like foxes dressed in warm sweaters and scarves.  This artist has several prints with foxes and other cute animals.  I love that her prints also feel like they belong in a children's book.

Here are some of my favorite sites for finding new art-


  1. ok, if I somehow commented twice I'm sorry! I tried to log in with wordpress...

    anyway, I LOVE that Helen Dardik print! It's so getting added to my "want to buy" list too!

    As for too many prints... since your buying normal sizes now (odd sizes are the BANE of my existence) than why not switch them out each season? Thats what Im doing with my large prints. It freshens up the space too! I keep accidentally buying 18"x24" prints thinking I have the space. Maybe I should try the ceiling too?

    1. That is such a great idea!! I never really think about switching them out. I finally made my grandpa a list of the odd frame sizes I need, so hopefully I can get some more stuff hung soon.

  2. I love the Morissey and Adventure Time prints! I need to put those on my bday list, haha.

    1. I thought they were awesome! I told Don that he just needs to start looking at my blog as a wishlist for gifts!