Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Collections - Planters

We have a lot of collections around here and they always seem to be growing.  Decorative planters are something that I've collected for some time.  They're such an old lady thing to collect, but I love them.  I can remember running across a field at an auction to ask a guy if I could buy a Scotty dog planter out of a box lot he had just bought.  They're fairly easy to find for pretty cheap, although some of the more desirable brands can get expensive, and they come in every shape and color imaginable.  My favorites are the planters that   would have been used to deliver flowers to the hospital after a baby was born.  I actually have one from when I was a baby that's musical, but it's packed away with some others.  I don't have room to display them all at once and my collection has spilled over to most of the rooms in my house.  I don't actually keep plants or flowers in any of them, but they do come in handy for holding pretty much everything else.  Here's a few of my favorites...

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