Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I'm thinking that at this point in the game, the only people who have checked out my blog are family and friends.  Eventually it would be nice to get some new readers and in case there are already some of those, I thought it would be a good idea to share some information about myself and my family.
That's me and my awesome husband, Donnie.  He and I met at my very first job, Toys R Us.  That was over thirteen years ago!  Honestly, I didn't like him at all when we first met.  I thought he was total jerk!  Obviously, though, he won me over and we became friends and eventually more.  This sounds so cliche, but I knew I was going to marry this guy pretty early into our relationship.  Don is my rock.  To those who don't really know him, Don is this seemingly quiet and serious guy.  Give him time, though, and you'll find that he's one of the funniest, most sarcastic people you'll ever meet.  He prefers animals to people, loves our children more than anything, and is the hardest worker.  He gets excited about comic books and Star Wars.  I think we have something very rare and beautiful and I couldn't imagine spending my life with anyone else!

For a very long time, it was just the two of us and we were quite happy, but we live in a big old house and it's just meant to be filled with little ones.  Besides, who would we pass along our massive toy collections to?!  Don and I were ecstatic when I first got pregnant and crushed when that pregnancy ended in miscarriage.  Now before you go getting all upset that I'm being a total downer, I'll just say that this has a happy ending.  We moved on, tried again, and along came this little guy...
Oscar was the happiest baby.  We were so spoiled!  He slept well, was always smiling, and was happy being held by just about anyone.  Now that he's growing into a little boy, he's still a pretty happy and friendly kid.  He loves giving hugs and kisses, gets so upset when someone is sad or sick, and is the best little cuddler ever!  He has his bratty moments too, of course.  He is two!  He's growing so quickly, but I love getting to see the little person he's becoming.

So just as we were still adjusting to life with a baby, we found out we were expecting another!  Oscar was just six months old and my husband wasn't working.  It wasn't the best time to find out you're pregnant, but that's life.  We were excited for Oscar to have a little brother and as unprepared for a second baby as we were feeling, I can't imagine life without this little boy...
Ben was so different from Oscar.  He was always gassy and fussy.  I think he was probably more like what most people think of as a typical baby.  He woke up during the night.  He still wakes up during the night!  Ben is such a character.  He has this great deep laugh and I'm pretty sure he thinks he's the funniest person he knows.  He can be so sweet and silly, but like his mommy, he's super stubborn.  When things don't go his way, he throws ridiculous fits.  He holds his breath and is silent for a long time, before letting out a scream and throwing himself on the floor.  He's much more shy than Oscar and usually prefers his mommy over anyone else.  He copies everything his brother does and is growing just as quickly!
There you have it, my sweet little family!  I know it can be annoying when people go on and on about their kids, so I'll try to refrain from that.  They're really amazing, though, so no promises!

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