Friday, September 21, 2012

A Little Peek Into The Boys' Room

For now, my boys share a bedroom.  I think they're okay with that.  Luckily the boys are too young to care a whole lot about the decor, because it's mostly stuff that I love.  Who knows, maybe Oscar and Ben will be really into vintage planters and nursery items.  They don't spend a whole lot of time in there, but they do enjoy playing their room and for the most part, they seem to enjoy sleeping in there too.  Ben, I'm looking at you.  Did you hear me?  You enjoy sleeping in your room, all night!  Oh, I captioned all the pictures in hopes that my witty banter will deflect from my lack of photography skills and less than stellar camera.

 I bought this lamp when I was pregnant with Oscar.  I love the old wooden nursery decor.  I think Irmi is the popular brand.  I found the lamp for just a few dollars on eBay.  I actually found the matching light switch cover first, but I forgot to photograph it!

 The stuffed dog is one of those autograph hounds.  We had everyone who came to Oscar's 1st birthday party sign it.  I'm sad we didn't remember to do the same thing for Ben's 1st birthday.  

I had forgotten about this little hen and chick planter tucked away on the bookcase.  It's one of my favorites!

I found this little guy, along with the blue deer, at a flea market when I was pregnant with Oscar.  Apparently I bought a lot of things when I was pregnant with Oscar.  I vaguely remember having money before we had two children.  I think this pony is evidence that I began pushing my tacky tastes on my boys as early as possible!

The boys have a ton of books and a lot of the books on these shelves were mine when I was a child.  The Richard Scarry one was always one of my favorites.

This sad little bat print is by Noosed Kitty

It's A Small World is my absolute favorite thing at Disney World.  It's just so damn cute!  We found these figures at Marshall's, so they were really inexpensive.  I think the Aussie one looks like Oscar.

This shelf is mostly full of little lambs, with the exception of this one little dog.

This Paddington Bear music box was also mine as a child.  I always loved how the paint was so crackly.

More books?!  Seriously, these kids can't even read yet!

Oscar loves his stuffed animals and every night, at least half a dozen get piled on his bed all around him.  I loved my stuffed animals growing up too.  The really raggedy looking Grover was mine and you can tell he was well loved!
Both boys seriously love to rock.  Actually, as I was trying to take a picture of this chair, Oscar sat down in it and started rocking furiously before being distracted by some random toy.  I fawned over this chair for ages at a local antique place, but it was out of my price range.  It must have sat in that booth for years, always with the same expensive price.  My grandma finally bought it for me, after making an offer.  I have the best grandma ever, but that's for another time!

Friends With You make the coolest art and toys! 

The previous owners mounted mantels to the walls in a couple rooms of our house and we've left the ones in the bedrooms.  The flash cards that spell out the boys' names are reproductions of old ones and are in French.  I don't speak French, but thought the pictures were adorable.
This cool guy helped out with all the photos and then posed for this one!

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