Monday, September 17, 2012

Another Playlist For Monday

I'm pretty clever when it comes to titles for my posts, right? I have been really fortunate to see a lot of bands live. Some of them were really amazing and some not so much. I'm going to confess something here. I once saw Nickelback. Seriously. A friend asked me to come to some music festival once and I gladly tagged along without really knowing who was going to be there. I probably would have declined if I had seen the lineup, but there was one saving grace and that was Outkast. I am a huge hip hop fan, but I rarely see hip hop acts live. They were good from what I remember. Want to know who else was there? Tommy Lee. That's right. I know anyone who is reading this is super jealous now! Here's another confession, one of my first concerts was New Kids On The Block. I'm not embarrassed by that one. I was about seven and had the biggest crush on Joey. What I guess I'm getting at is that I really love music. I have seen everyone from the Grateful Dead to Hole to Bloc Party to The Casualties (scary awful punk band!). Keeping this playlist a decent length wasn't easy, because I have mostly enjoyed the bands I've seen live and I have great memories and stories from a lot of the shows. Here are some songs from a few of the acts I've seen that I thought were really amazing! What are some of your favorite bands to see live?

 Favorite Live Bands by molldoll527 on Grooveshark

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