Saturday, September 22, 2012

Beach Party!

I know summer is over, but we are headed to the beach for the week.  Waiting until after Labor Day meant cheaper accommodations and empty beaches.  The weather is supposed to be lovely all week and I'm just really excited to get away for awhile!  I've always loved the beach and spent a lot of time there growing up.  My family actually used to own the house we are renting.  With my love of the beach, comes my love of kitschy old beach movies.  Yes, they're completely corny and, well, they're portrayal of women is outdated to say the least, but I could watch these over and over.  Actually, I have watched these over and over!  I've made my husband sit through every single one of these and am making him listen to the music from some of them as I write this post!  I own a bunch of them on VHS, but I think you can stream most of them on Netflix.  Here are some of my favorites!

 I know this last one isn't as old as the others, but not only does it have Frankie and Annette, but Pee Wee Herman is in it!!

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  1. I use to watch these movies when I was younger!! I loved them.

    I hope your enjoying the beach!! :) see you when you get back.