Tuesday, August 19, 2014


You've probably seen these mushrooms at your local craft or floral supply store, mixed in with other plastic foods and greenery.  I'm thinking mine came in a box of handed down craft supplies.  They aren't the cutest, but I kept them thinking I could find some use for them.  With a little imagination and some paint, I finally came up with something!
Using only red and white paint, I turned the mushrooms into toadstools.  Using a permanent black marker, I drew on a cute face and then added a floral stamen for a nose.  Those are another thrifted find I've been holding onto for some time!
These make great noses and come in so many colors and sizes!  The larger ones are on wire stem and are easy to push into the mushroom.  The smaller stamen are a bit flimsy, so I used a pushpin to poke a hole for the nose and then a dab of glue to hold the stamen in place.
You can easily make these into ornaments using eye screws and ribbon, as I did with the top toadstools, or you can add them to terrariums or use them for crafting.  I plan on using the bottom toadstool in a little teacup scene!

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