Friday, August 8, 2014

Steinhatchee Falls

This was really such a great place to end our weekend together!  The water around the falls is fairly shallow and there are little grooves and nooks in the riverbed where rocks and debris collect and settle.  Have you ever seen the shows about people who catch catfish by sticking their hands in the water and just sort of pulling them out on their arms?  Well that's called noodling and is essentially what we did, although there were no catfish involved!  Instead, we found fossils, shark and alligator teeth, tiny sand dollars, and petrified turtle shells.  I have this thing about swimming in rivers, so I stayed in the shallow part and just relaxed with the water flowing around me.  Some of the other gals did swim and even swung into the river from a rope, but I was content just watching.

I'm really so very glad that I didn't let my anxiety prevent me from experiencing this weekend.  I sort of feel like I can tackle anything now!  I had an amazing weekend, made new friends, and got to really relax and unwind.  Can't wait to do it again!

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