Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Camp Tumbleweeds Part Two

There was such a laid back vibe all weekend and I thought it was cool that there wasn't any sort of rigid schedule.  We started Saturday off with a delicious breakfast of southern style eggs benedict, fresh fruit and smoothies, and mimosas and then headed to a local flea market.  The flea market was great, definitely one of those places where you could find some serious treasure if you looked hard enough and there was a stall selling donuts, so it smelled amazing too!

After the flea market, we headed to Fanning Springs to cool off in the loveliest clear turquoise water.  I only had my phone to take photos, but I wish I had gotten more.  There was a little place for us to jump into the deep part of the springs and although there were a lot of people there, it never really felt crowded.  Beca said they see manatees there pretty often, but we only got to see a snake in the water.  That was pretty neat, but somehow the snake just didn't seem as open to hugs as I imagine manatees are.  It was probably too darn crowded for manatees!

We had a yummy little picnic lunch at Steinhatchee Falls, I'll share pictures of the falls tomorrow, and then set off in canoes and kayaks for a trip on the river.  I shared a canoe with Beca, who was probably cursing me under her breath for being a rookie rower.  I haven't been in a canoe since I was a child!  Luckily the river was pretty calm and easy to navigate. We caught a brief glimpse of an alligator getting in the water and a turtle sunning itself on a log.  There are some homes along the river, but most of the trip felt pretty secluded and peaceful.  We stopped off at Beca and Doug's home where we got to meet their pups and a few of their kitties.  Their dog, Charlie, joined us for the rest of the boat ride back.

I started to feel a little overheated on the river and I knew I probably hadn't gotten enough water, so I ended up getting sick and having to skip dinner and the campfire that evening.  I did get to take a few of Beca's homemade marshmallows home to eat, though!  I heard that there were delicious grilled kebabs and corn on the cob and that the marshmallows really melted nicely on the s'mores, but I'm just going to go ahead and keep telling myself that everything tasted awful and everyone was just too sad without me to enjoy themselves even a little. 

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  1. Looks like fun! Which Flea Market is this? Is it also in Fanning Springs? I'm always on the lookout for a new flea market!