Monday, August 11, 2014

Musical Monday

There isn't actually going to be any music in today's post, but music is still the subject!  I love making playlists and mixes and especially love making mixes to share with others.  I thought I'd share a few suggestions for making mixes and a really simple diy for a cute envelope to hold a CD.  All you need is some card stock or scrapbook paper, washi or deco tape, and maybe some stickers for decoration.  When I make a mix, I usually like to decorate the CD itself with markers and include a handwritten track list on some fun stationary.
Cute supplies are a must!
My paper choices.  You need two pieces, each about 6x6 inches.
Add washi tape to the sides and bottom, folding it over to connect the two pieces of paper.
It's all ready for a CD and track list!
Sometimes my mixes are really random, but a themed mix can be fun!  I recently included a mix in my crafternoon white elephant gift that was all female bands and singers and I keep meaning to make a hip hop mix for a friend.  Think of songs that sort of transition well into each other and if you're doing a completely random mix, vary upbeat songs with slower ones so there aren't too many of one type in a row.  Clearly there's no right or wrong way to make a mix and I'm no expert, so just go with what sounds good!

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