Thursday, January 16, 2014

Inspired by Nature - Llamas

Have you noticed that llamas are seriously cute?!  I think some people must have picked up on it, because there are some pretty darn adorable llama items online!  Here are some of my favorites!

These are actually pencil cases, but if you search for Arpakasso or Alpacasso, you will get all kinds of seriously kawaii plush goods.  You can find these here.

This fabulous llama is available as a print or a card!  You can find them at The Fancy Fox Shop.

Reese is probably the cutest character in the newest Animal Crossing game and I was lucky enough to get this sweet necklace for Christmas from an equally sweet friend.  You can get one for yourself at Natural Pop Shop.

Paul the llama brooch by Danadamki  There are quite a few cute llama goodies in this shop!

I love this cozy by Sharodactyl.  This talented lady definitely gets the cuteness of llamas!


  1. When I see a llama, I always think they are a weird animal but cute at the same time!! You're right!!

    1. They seem like such silly animals too, full of personality!