Thursday, October 4, 2018

Let's Catch Up!

Hello!  I've made several attempts at posts, but nothing has stuck.  I'm still busy, just like everybody else, and still wishing I had more hours in the day.  Again, just like everybody else.  As my boys get older, though, it feels like life gets busier and time somehow speeds up.  That's part of the reason I should get back to posting regularly, to sort of freeze time and be able to revisit adventures and experiences.  I can't imagine there are many of you still out there, after so long without a post!  The longer I neglect this little blog, the more difficult it is to come back to.  I miss typing posts and sharing photos.  So I'll give it a try again and hopefully there will still be some people visiting my page.  At the very least, I can still count on my grandma to check out my posts!

In the nearly nine months since my last post, we've had tons of family adventures.  The photo above is from my birthday adventure to Pittsburgh, taken at Randyland.  I seriously need to do a post on that, because the place is magical (both Pittsburgh and Randyland!) and that visit is sort of responsible for reigniting my creativity and helping me get back to regularly working in my little happy space on doll faces and other art.  The boys have also continuously grown, but I think that's what they're supposed to do.  They keep me busy, along with the sometimes hectic day job, my handmade business, and my new role as bear den leader to the most awesome group of kiddos.  So there's a quick update, now I just need to stick with it and get back into the blogging groove!  Thanks for reading, especially you, Grams!

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