Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hello Cutie!

I always have a plethora of ideas and goals in my mind that relate to my handmade business and to myself as an artist.  One of those goals is to display my work in gallery shows and it drives me to continue creating and improving my creations.  So imagine how delighted I was when received a last minute invite to be a part of Hello Cutie, a cute themed group show at SlushBox.  This gallery is curated by the super sweet gal who organizes StitchRock and her husband.  I was really touched that Amanda felt like my work would be good enough to display in her gallery.  I knew I wanted to do something even more special than my usual plaques and am pretty proud of my end results.  Here's a look at my pieces for the show-
I may have cheated a bit with the bunny, Bertrand, as he was part of my recent Easter creations and was completed before the invite to the show.  I really love that cheeky little face and his plaque sports some of my favorite vintage cake toppers. Alice and the White Rabbit may be my most favorite creation yet, even if I do have to restock my vintage dolly tea sets as a result of this making it!  And finally, Mary is definitely an accurate depiction of my love of all things spring.  The little lamb is a vintage wood cutout that came from a really cute lot I found online a few months ago and all of the flowers are from my stockpile of vintage plastic arrangements.

The show opened over the weekend and runs through April 30th, so if you live near West Palm Beach, Florida, go check it out!  No worries if you're not close enough to go, though, because you can view and purchase pieces online.  If you love all things cute, it's definitely worth checking out!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Checking In...

Image from Imagimeri's
Hello!  I'm still here just driving through life like a kitten on a tractor.  You've never heard that old saying?  Hehe!  I have been fairly quiet on social media for no real reason, other than I just felt like taking a little break.  I'm happy to report that I am really enjoying my new job and I love that they keep me fairly busy.  The lack of downtime makes the days go by pretty quickly and I come home feeling tired, but in a good way.  I used to come home feeling drained and I always hated that.  This is a nice change and I'm hoping it stays that way.  This has been a really busy, but good month.  I hope it's been going well for all of you too!