Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Shop Crush - Baku Forest Studios

I recently scrolled past a lovely photo on Tumblr of pendants made to look like terrariums.  Often on sites like Tumblr and Pinterest, there is no mention of or link to the original source, but I got lucky this time and discovered Baku Forest Studios.  I would gladly take one of each item in the shop, but here are a few of my favorites-
Click the link to the shop above to find these great items and more!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Welcome to the Dollhouse

My grandma got me my very first tin dollhouse for Christmas last year.  It's a lovely colonial by Wolverine and it even came with some furniture.  I've wanted one of these beauties for so long, but they are rarely in my price range.  Heck, even the furniture is often too pricey for me!  I've been slowly adding to the furnishings and now I'm on the lookout for some pieces to go on the patio.  I love the colorful plastic furniture and the decorated walls and floors, rust and all!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Musical Monday

What the hell have I been missing?!  PINS really reminds me so much of the music I loved in my early teens and still listen to today when I've had a shitty day and need to sing my heart out on the car ride home.  I think fourteen year old me would have played them in heavy rotation, along with Sonic Youth, Hole, and Jesus and Mary Chain.  One of the articles I found on the band cites the latter two bands as influences for the singer of PINS, so I guess it's no surprise that they have some similarities.  While checking out the band's site, I saw that they're playing in DC in June.  I may have to check them out live!  Happy Monday!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Red Run Lodge

I've blogged about these cabins before, twice to be exact, but I keep being drawn back to them.  Driving past them recently, we realized they seem much more noticeable than previously.  I suppose maybe it's the change in the seasons, the trees haven't quite bloomed yet and are mostly still without leaves.  In past times, I've gone alone, but this time Donnie and the boys (and two stuffed dogs) came along.  

The property that houses these cabins is currently for sale.  I'd like to think that someone will purchase it and meticulously restore these cabins to their former glory using old photographs and souvenir postcards. I think the reality is that even if the property sells anytime soon, these cabins will likely be destroyed.  I actually found an old postcard online, to give you an idea of how amazing this area used to look.  You can view my other posts about this property here and here. And if you have a spare half million dollars, you should consider buying this property.  I would be happy to help with the restoration process!
All of the cabins are starting to really fall into disrepair.  Since my last visit, this one has lost a rear wall.
The remains of the curtains hint at the cabin's former beauty.
My little dudes and their dogs were great brave explorers!
Even in its current state, this cabin is adorable!
I wanted there to be treasure inside.  I don't think this old bed counts.
This cabin was my favorite!  It was a bath house with two sides, presumably one for men and one for women.  This side still had a little pink plastic soap dish and the remains of the prettiest shower curtains.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Collections- Tin Trays

I don't recall how my collection of vintage children's dishes started, but it's really turned into one of my larger collections.  I tend to find odd lots and random pieces here and there, so I don't think I actually have any complete sets, but I don't really mind.  I hang the plates and use the cups to hold supplies.  My craft room walls are now covered in colorful tin plates with cute animals, playing children, and old fairytale characters.  I thought that rather than sharing my whole collection, I'd stick to the pieces that usually have the cutest of the illustrations-the trays.  You may notice a duplicate or two in my photos.  That's not really intentional, but happens when you buy mixed lots.  I have a few trays that didn't make the cut, because they're hanging too high for me to photograph without a ladder!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Girls hit your hallelujah!

This song is nothing new by now, but it's still stuck in my head all the damn time!  I actually heard the song for the first time while watching this video and it's still fun to watch, so I thought I'd share.  Even if you've seen it, I'm sure you can use a little laugh on a Monday morning!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Hello Kitty x Peko-Chan

I am absolutely a sucker for cute packaging and a cute mascot, with Peko-Chan being one of my very favorites.  I am also a sucker for all things Hello Kitty.  So imagine how excited I was to see the two come together for the celebration of the 40th anniversary of Hello Kitty!  I found a seller on eBay that had celebration bags filled with goodies and I even found myself the cutest phone case featuring the kawaii collaboration.  Here are some of the goodies from my bags-
I think I'm going to figure out a way to frame these bags.
Peko with Kitty ears is the best!!
There were actually several other Fujiya brand candies and cookies, but the packaging wasn't really cute enough to share.  The cookies were tasty, though!  One bag also contained a cute fan featuring both characters too.
Of course now I'm left with lots of Japanese candy that I solely bought for the cute packaging.  Oops!  I think I will carefully open the packages, so I can save the cuter ones and display them with my Peko-Chan toys and I'll include any individually wrapped candies with shop orders.  Who are your favorite mascots or cartoon characters?

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Collections -Vintage Baby Toys

When I first started this blog, I regularly shared my collections and thrift finds.  I've somehow gotten away from that, partially because I don't really go thrifting very often anymore.  I do still have lots of collections, though, both intentional and accidental.  This collection is a small one and I'd really love to add to it, but I have a really low price point for what I'm willing to spend, so I am also quite happy with it staying exactly the size it is.
I love that rattles come in all shapes and sizes.  The three in the back are my favorite.  I'm a sucker for their faces!
I'm not sure if this cutie originally had arms.  You can see a spot on the body where something once was.  I'm also a sucker for a well-loved toy!
I'm really not certain how she looked in her original form, but her head does act as a rattle.  This was a lucky Instagram shop find from awhile back.  I actually bought her to use as a craft supply, but now she's proudly displayed on a shelf full of dolls with equally lovely faces.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Everything in its Place

I do love a tidy work space, but my home work space never seems to stay that way.  I'm a messy crafter!  I recently spent some time really sorting, organizing, and getting rid of things in my craft room.  I thought I should document this rare neatness, in case I'm ever in need of future encouragement!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Misty Meadows

It was finally warm enough last weekend for our first trip to Misty Meadows Creamery and it did not disappoint.  Besides the ice cream being delicious, as always, and the usual cute animals, there was a trio of the most adorable black lambs!  We will definitely be visiting them again!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Wild Moccasins

Last Friday night Donnie and I drove to Baltimore to watch Stars play.  They are absolutely one of my favorite bands, so I was super stoked to see them live.  The venue is one we really like, because there are seats up on the second level.  We call it the old people section and it's usually where you'll find us, but the entire second level was closed off.  I didn't mind standing for the whole show, because usually I was busy dancing and loudly singing along!  The show happened to fall on the same night as the Orioles' first home game of the season, so the crowd was much smaller than I've ever seen there.  The Orioles lost that game and most of Baltimore missed out on an amazing show.  The dynamics between the band's two singers was just incredible and they put on such a great show.  I am always absolutely floored when I see a band and they sound just as solid and good live as they do on their recordings.

I'm sure I could go on about Stars forever, but the real point of this post is to share the opening band, Wild Moccasins.  We got to the show partway through their set and I'll admit was more distracted by the female singer's super fierce outfit.  She was absolutely the cutest, rocking these great turquoise leggings and a fun gold dress, and she moved around on stage like it was what she was born to do.  I don't know if I quite picked up on this seeing them live, but listening to their recorded music, I get a real Blondie or Talking Heads sort of 80s vibe. I'll shut up now and let you listen for yourself!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Cute Animal Chaser

Yesterday's post was on a pretty serious topic, so I thought I should follow it with a much lighter post.  Here are some cute animals from our recent visit to The National Zoo in D.C.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Day of Action

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and I thought today would be a good day to post about it, because April 7th has been designated as Day of Action, a nationally recognized day to spread awareness and for advocates to engage their community.  SAAM has only been in place since 2009 and shares the month with causes such as child abuse and autism.  Both are also important causes, but sexual assault is definitely a less comfortable and popular topic to discuss and something we still need to make great strides in preventing and changing attitudes.

larger view here
I think this infographic does a great job at showing how many people are affected by sexual assault and how few really see any kind of justice or action taken.  Chances are you know someone who has been a victim of sexual assault or perhaps you have yourself are a survivor.  Whatever the case, please consider helping to make this month a success by starting a conversation online, educating yourself and others, or offering support to your local crisis center.  Remember to tag photos and posts online with #SAAM  For more information or to seek help, please visit the links below.

National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC)- You can find all the information you need on SAAM at the NSVRC's website, including ways to take action and a calendar of events for the month.

Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN)- RAINN operates the National Sexual Assault Hotline and its online version which can be accessed on their site.  You can also find local resources, tons of information on sexual assault, and ways to get more involved in the cause.

#survivorloveletter- This tumblr is full of beautiful powerful letters to survivors.  It's such an amazing site!  NSVRC is actually working with the site and is promoting April 22nd as a day to flood the internet with love for survivors.  Get more info on the day here.

Monday, April 6, 2015

The Yetis

Aren't these guys adorable?!  The Yetis are a four piece indie band from Allentown, PA and I love the sort of vintage vibe of this song.  I think these guys seem like a lot of fun, so I'm definitely hoping to hear more of them!  Happy Monday!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Decorations

With just a few days to spare, I finally decorated!  I realize I have less than I thought, although I think there may still be a box left in the attic.  So instead of spreading things out this year, I just went one extra festive space and few small touches elsewhere.  I have everyone's Easter treats and baskets ready, eggs have been dyed, and now the house is festive.  I think I am officially ready for Easter!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter Round-Up

I was looking back through my previous posts and I was reminded that I didn't decorate for Easter at all last year.  How sad is that?!  I will not be repeating that and will have photographic evidence tomorrow. For now, though, here are some of my favorite Easter related photos from past posts.