Monday, August 1, 2016

Musical Monday

This is a band I've been meaning to listen to more often, so I'm posting this partially as a reminder.  I really enjoy songs that at first listen sound upbeat and simple, but really are so much more and full of emotion.  I think that says something about my personality, upbeat and simple on the surface but always so damn emotional.  Even if you aren't really paying close attention to the lyrics of The Front Bottoms' songs, I think they're pretty enjoyable.  I imagine this is one of those bands that just puts on the most memorable live show, but I haven't gotten to find out yet!

Later this week, Donnie and I are seeing another band full of upbeat yet emotionally complex songs, Motion City Soundtrack.  They're one of my absolute favorites and I'm trying to forget that this is probably the last time I will get to see them live.  Here's one of my favorites from them for you to imagine me dancing crazily to while singing obnoxiously loud!