Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Kewpee Hamburgers

This post could also be called "The Time We Drove The Whole Way Across Ohio For A Fast Food Joint", but the above title is shorter.  Really, though, we drove the whole way across Ohio to visit a fast food restaurant.  I don't know where or how I first found out about Kewpee Hamburgers, but I knew I had to visit.  So this place originated in Flint, Michigan in 1918 and there are still three locations, all located in Lima, Ohio.  I was warned by at least one friend that Lima wasn't really an exciting place and probably wasn't worth driving out of our way, but since when do I listen to anyone?!  After scouting the locations online, I knew which one we had to visit.  It was built in 1939 and, from the photos, it didn't look like it had really changed much over time.  I was definitely not disappointed! 
How perfect is this tiny building with the giant naked Kewpee on top?!

 Adorable Kewpees everywhere!  I wish I had taken a photo of the cute old man who was eating in the rear booth.  Right next to him, above a doorway, was one of their slogans, "Your grandpappy ate here."  It seemed so fitting!

I'm sort of regretting that none of us actually ordered a hamburger, especially since the cup says they make your heart go flippity flop.  The pecan pie, fries, and frosted malt were all pretty tasty, though.  I saved one of the cups and the sweet cashier was kind enough to give me a few of the unused fry containers when I was purchasing some mugs for souvenirs.  I still don't know if Lima has much to offer, but the Kewpee Hamburgers is so worth the drive!

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