Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bento, Maybe?

I feel pretty stuck in a lunch hour rut.  I get bored with leftovers and grab lunch out way too often.  It makes my wallet smaller and my waist larger!  I've been trying to think of some better ideas for lunches and I keep going back to bento boxes.  Obviously the overwhelming amount of cute supplies is pretty darn enticing, but there are so many healthy bento ideas and it's total portion control.  I wasn't really sure where to start, but I have found some helpful blog posts like this one and there are loads of books.  This one has good reviews and seems pretty basic.  Now back to those cute supplies. That's probably what's most important, right?  Here's a few of the supplies I'm adding to my wish list!
There are lots of sites with bento goodies.  Even Etsy has supplies and I'm sure there are tons on eBay too.  Here's where you can find the above items-  1/2/3/4/5/6  I'd love to hear any suggestions or about experiences you've had with bento!


  1. do it! i love packing bento and i'm trying to get back in the habit. you can see a post with some of mine here:
    and stuff i like to use here:

    i LOVE my laptop lunchbox. it is really great for portion control. and is easy for when you first start and might not have lots of supplies. they have them on amazon. i like the containers it comes with, and then another set that has the one big container (good for a sandwich or a salad).

    the tools i use the most are little punches (if you cute veggies in the shape of stars or flowers you can make a salad cute SO FAST!)
    picks (to stick in stuff. always cute)
    little sauce containers. (i have the pandas above. they are tiny but good for soy sauce when i pack onigiri)
    vintage napkins (i like to have as little trash as possible and they look pretty)
    small fork/spoon
    i just got one of these ( and it is awesome because it is easy to use and fits in everything!
    reusable silicone grass (like sushi grass? but you wash it) it works really well to separate things
    onigiri molds (onigiri are rich balls, and you put a little sea weed strip on to hold them. travis and i LOVE them and add broccoli to ours, and he even makes me the panda faced ones. I like to pack them with a little container of hot sauce. so yummy)

    bento usa is the site i use the most, and you can find some stuff on ebay

    have fun! i can't wait to see what you pack! i would suggest just getting a few things first and seeing what you actually use. i have some supplies i bought that were cute, but i never use them.

  2. oh! and this book is really good:
    i used it a lot before i went vegan. i wish i still had it! i'd send it to you!