Monday, February 1, 2016

Musical Monday

I recently had a discussion with a friend at work about the most famous people we've ever met.  I finally decided that baseball player Cal Ripken Jr. was probably the most famous person I've met. He's probably the name that would most likely be known to people anyway.  Our years of going to Warped Tours and shows at small venues have led to us meeting lots of bands and some of them did end up becoming pretty famous.  I'm not sure just how famous Amanda Palmer is, I mean she is married to Neil Gaiman, but she is definitely always who comes to mind when I think of celebrity encounters.  I'm not sure where she ranks in actual fame, but in my world, she's pretty massive.  Oh how I wish I hadn't been so shy and awkward, but I met her before I had nearly as much confidence and sass as I have now and I just couldn't muster up the strength to tell her how amazing and inspiring she is or how her music just makes me feel all the feels.  All of them.  This song is definitely one of the more emotional ones for me and I can't quite make it through it without tears running down my face.  It's so lovely and tells such a sweet and sad story.  Sorry to a bit of a downer on a Monday, but this song is worth sharing.  As a chaser, I'm including the video that introduced me to Amanda Palmer and I think is a pretty accurate portrayal of what is usually going on inside my head!  Enjoy and happy Monday!

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