Monday, January 25, 2016

Music for a Snow Day

We had a heck of a snowstorm that started Friday evening and lasted well into Saturday night, leaving us with a few feet of snow.  It's been cold and windy and we haven't even finished digging our cars out from underneath the heavy white stuff.  Oscar's school and my office are both closed today, so we are going to stay inside where it's warm and there's no shortage of good food and cartoons.  I spent a good part of the weekend tackling my utter disaster of a craft room, so I hope to finish that up today too.  Most of all, though, I think I'll just relax and enjoy the extra day off.  Here's a whole hour of good songs to help you relax too, even if you're just relaxing to build up the momentum to go shovel!  Stay warm and happy Monday, everyone!

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