Thursday, January 14, 2016

Try The World

A few months ago, I saw an ad for Try The World, a subscription box full of foods from around the world.  I thought it seemed like a really interesting and tasty idea and I happened to have a code to get a free box, so I went for it.  Every two months, subscribers receive a box with several full size items from a specific country, a booklet of recipes, cultural information, party ideas, etc., and a postcard with information about each item included in the box.  So far, we've received France, Japan, Spain, and, most recently, a special holiday box with items from several countries.
The goodies always come in these pretty turquoise boxes and are packaged so nicely.  I promise that once you remove your items, you will never get them to fit back in the box well enough for the lid to fully go on!  
Here are all the goodies from the holiday box.  Clockwise from the top are ginger snaps from Sweden, hazelnut cream from Italy, orange peel cookies from Morocco, cocoa truffles from Canada, acai sauce from Brazil, olive oil from Israel, panettone from Italy, and tea from the UK.  The neat thing about this service is that, if you get something you really love, you can buy it from their online shop.  A few past boxes are available for sale, too.
Here's the information that's included each month.  The symbols below each product's name designate things such as family owned company, locally sourced item, organic, etc.  The flip side of this foldout card contains recipes using included items and suggestions on how to use your box.  The suggestions usually include party ideas and a suggested playlist of songs.  We haven't had a chance to try any of the recipes, but I really want to start trying at least one from each box.  I have found myself using items from past boxes.  A smoked paprika from the Spain box is a definite favorite on eggs!
Part of why I decided to subscribe to this box was to get the boys excited about trying new foods and learning about other cultures.  Oscar especially gets excited when a new box comes and the boys and I sampled everything in this box, except for the olive oil.  I'll definitely be using that soon, though.  It was all delicious!  That hazelnut cream is seriously amazing and we ended up dipping our gingersnaps right into it!  I would say the gingersnaps were a definite favorite for the boys, but my favorite was this panettone.  It reminded me of a good homemade bread, but with some sweetness. There were little bits of candied fruit and raisins that added to the sweetness.  I could definitely eat this year round!

You can get your own box here.  A subscription costs around $40 every two months, but you can use the code TRAVELERFRIEND to get $15 off the price of your first box.  This is one I highly recommend!


  1. what a cool box!
    i used to love penetone! (i haven't seen a vegan version for sale). we made french toast with it once. it was AMAZING

    1. I just googled "vegan panettone" and saw some recipes, but it always tastes better when someone else makes it! ;)