Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Winter Adventures

For the very last day of winter break, we decided to let Oscar choose how we should spend the day. He's been really having some separation anxiety in the mornings again, so we thought that making the day a celebration would make for a smoother transition back to school.  He was great at quickly coming up with the idea of packing some snacks, taking a walk in the woods, and then stopping to eat our snacks when we got hungry.  We headed to one of our fairly regular spots, because he wanted a forest with streams and bridges and we knew this part of the Appalachian Trail has some picnic tables that happen to be perfect for stopping for snacks.  The weather and wind were quite chilly, but the sun was shining and the little waterfalls on the stream were lovely.  
After making it back to the warmth of our car, we asked Oscar what he wanted to do next.  He asked to go to a museum, not an easy task at 2pm on a Sunday and while in the middle of the woods.  We realized that we weren't far from Mister Ed's, though, and that totally counts as a proper museum!  I do really love this little place and, no matter how many times we visit, I'm certain I see something new every time.  The boys were probably most excited to buy some candy, but they really enjoy exploring the grounds outside the shop and museum too.
Oscar definitely knows how to plan a fun day!  His final choice of the day was to eat pancakes at Cracker Barrel, one of his two favorite restaurants.  After that, we headed home pretty tired from the day's adventure, but ready to start the week!


  1. i want to go to mr. ed's so bad! it has been on my list for years!
    what a fun day. I love that little leopard hat.

    1. If you ever get in this area, let me know and I'll take you there!