Monday, July 15, 2013

Make Some Noise

I can still remember the first time I listened to the Beastie Boys.  My stepfather worked at an army base and regularly brought home items that people left behind, I suppose when they got transferred elsewhere.  He brought home the License to Ill tape and it was instant love for six year old Molly.  With each album they put out, my love grew and is still going strong today.  I can officially say that I've had a crush on Ad-Rock for over 25 years!  Unfortunately, they are one of the bands I really love that I haven't gotten to ever see live, but I imagine they were amazing.  This video is from their latest album and is chock full of some of my very favorite actors, including some of my other celebrity crushes.  Elijah Wood, Seth Rogan, and Jason Schwartzman all in the same video?!  Insane!!

Oh!  This video is really just a small part of a 30 minute one you can find here!

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