Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day Tripping

A few weeks back Donnie and I went to see The Postal Service on a Tuesday evening.  I knew we'd be out late and I saw that as a perfect opportunity to take Wednesday off!  Instead of sleeping in, though, I headed out with Heidi for a day of fun!  I didn't bring my camera, so iPhone photos will have to do!  You can read more about our day here at Heidi's blog!

We made our way to York first, where we stopped at the super cute Maple Donuts.  I highly recommend the coconut creme.  Who am I kidding?  I highly recommend them all! 

There was definitely some thrifting after delicious donuts!  Don't most good day trips involve thrift shops?  Then we headed to Hanover for a tour of the Utz Potato Chip Factory and a stop at their factory outlet.  The tour is free and you get a little sample bag of chips, so I have added it to my list of fun things to do with the boys.

Before our last stop of the day at an antique mall, we headed to Crabb's Tropical Treat for lunch and ice cream.  It's the cutest little drive-in, where you order over a speaker and the food is brought out to your car.  I'm sure I will be visiting this place with the boys too!

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