Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Benny's Birthday

It's no secret that our little Benjamin loves trains, specifically Thomas and all his friends.  So for Benny's birthday, we took the boys to the Strasburg Railroad's Day Out With Thomas.  Besides getting to actually ride on a train car pulled by Thomas, there are small train rides, a tent full of train tables to play with, and a ton of Thomas related items for sale.   It was really hot and there may have been some whining, some serious kicking and screaming when we had to leave the play and merchandise tents, and a total lack of cooperation in smiling for photos, but everyone had a really great time.  I can almost see this becoming a birthday tradition!



  1. You have a sweet family!!

    Little boys just seem to love trains, mine did too and he still does, he's 24.

    1. I don't remember loving trains as a child, but I really enjoy them now. I hope my boys don't grow out of it!! Thank you, Jill!