Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I'm a sucker for a good story!

While shopping in Lititz the other weekend, we stopped in a shop that was full of so many beautiful vintage items.  Among those beautiful items were about half a dozen lovely handmade quilts.  I wanted them all!  It seemed like each one I saw was more beautiful than the last and they were all so different, but so well made.  Finally, in one of the last rooms of the shop, I found the prettiest one.  I knew I had to have it!  The shop owner told me the story behind the quilts as I was paying, which made me perfectly certain that I had made the right decision.  The quilts all belonged to an elderly woman and were made by her grandmother, who apparently made her a quilt each year for some length of time.  The woman stored all the quilts, hoping to pass them on to her children.  She was never able to have any children, though, so she had started to sell them off.  The shop owner was lucky enough to purchase quite a few of them.  How sad is that story?!  It seriously made me want to buy them all and I may have sent texts to a few friends and family members encouraging them to come buy the rest!  I loved the quilt before hearing the story, but that makes it all the more precious to me and I will certainly pass it along to my children!

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  1. That is a sad story!! I think the one you bought will wrap up your boys and keep them all warm and toasty!