Friday, December 12, 2014

Hooray For Happiness!

It's definitely no secret that I struggle with depression and anxiety from time to time and I've posted about it being pretty bad recently.  Well I finally had this a-ha moment and it was all so clear.  My birth control was playing a part in my awful moods!  I realized that on the weeks that I was taking a larger dose of hormones, I was miserable.  I was having unexplained anxiety, something I've had in check for a long time, and I was having some really low moments.  At my lowest, I deleted all of my social type apps and was prepared to just sort of shut myself off from some really great people in my life.  After spending quite a bit of time researching birth control effects online, it felt good to have some validation and to know that I wasn't alone in my experiences.  I sat down with Donnie and told him everything I had learned.  He told me to stop taking it right away and I didn't hesitate to listen.  Flash forward to a month later.  I am doing so well!  No crazy severe PMS symptoms, no depression or anxiety, and no migraines (another crappy side effect!).  I really feel like my old self and I can honestly say I haven't felt that way in ages!

I have lots more to share about our Florida trip, but I wanted to take a moment to share this really important piece of my life right now.  I haven't consulted my doctor about my choice yet, but I felt like this was one of those situations where I just needed to do what felt right for me.  Let's hope I can keep up this happiness business.  I know it's always something I will have to work for at times, but I think it will be easier from now on!

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