Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Handmade Arcade

This past Saturday was Handmade Arcade in Pittsburgh.  I've been working like crazy to get lots done for my very first craft show and was feeling super excited to see everything all set up.  Heidi came along to help and we left late Friday morning, so we could take our time getting there and hit some thrift and antique shops along the way.  I'll have to show off those finds later!  Heidi is the best helper, by the way, in addition to being the very best road trip partner.  She was awesome at helping me set up and break down and regularly organized my table and kept it looking good.  She has been awesome through this whole thing, actually, offering lots of encouragement and suggestions.  I'm pretty sure I have her to thank for even applying in the first place!
Jessee made me the super cute banner!
How great is the doll face display my grandpa made me from scrap wood?!

The show was great and was seriously such a positive first experience!  I really enjoyed interacting with customers and hearing and seeing the reactions to my doll faces.  People ranged from completely enamored to totally creeped out.  I had lots of older women asking where I was even able to find those faces and some of my other vintage supplies. I really loved it when someone would get a little nostalgic over the faces or cake toppers.  It was a long day and one that I spent a lot of time preparing for, but it was also oh so worth it!  I got to meet a few Instagram friends, something I always enjoy, talk to so many sweet people, and sell lots of my creations.  I wasn't sure if selling at a show would be my thing, but I really can't wait to do it again!

I will be listing my leftovers on my Instagram shop for my followers to have first grabs and then I will put everything left in my shop!

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