Friday, December 26, 2014

Happy Boxing Day!

I know we don't really celebrate Boxing Day here in the US, but I have friends in countries where it is observed.  For those who don't know, Boxing Day was traditionally the day churches opened up their donation boxes for the poor in order to distribute the contents.  Servants were also typically given off on this day, so they could celebrate with their families.  I like that it was a helping holiday.  A search for images related to the holiday have pretty much given away that it has turned into another excuse for big sales at the stores, but I think it should be a good reminder that as you are enjoying your gifts, those tasty holiday leftovers, and the warmth of your comfy home, there are those who do not have such luxuries.

I'm taking this time to encourage you all to do what you can to help those who are less fortunate.  That doesn't always mean just giving money or donating items.  It could just be spending some time listening and talking with someone.  I recently made Donnie stop and get some food for me to take to a homeless man along one of the interstate exits.  He was touched by our kindness and seemed pretty happy about the food, but I think what meant the most to him was that I stood and talked to him.  I listened to his story, asked where he was from, and held his hand while he thanked us.  We tend to keep to ourselves these days and ignore everything outside of our own little bubble.  We make snap judgments without learning people's stories.  Sometimes even a smile and a hello can make a difference!

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