Monday, October 27, 2014

Well hello there!

Long time no post!  I think everyone who knows me knows that I sometimes struggle with being a bit withdrawn and antisocial.  That's sort of been happening again lately, at least as far as the internet and social media goes.  I've actually been pretty darn good at connecting with people in real life, including reconnecting with some really important people from my past.  I definitely went through some depression again recently too.  I suppose I am still going through it, but I am doing my best to work past it.  I've been meaning to post. I know it helps loads with my moods.  I just haven't felt like doing it, though.  That's the long version of why I haven't been posting.  The short version goes like this- I've been busy!  I actually have had a lot going on, so there is no shortage of blog content, and I have a lot coming up, so expect more posts!  And because it's Monday, here's some music to start off the week.  I guess I should go with something Halloween themed, but instead, here's a song that makes my heart feel all warm and fuzzy!

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