Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Thrift Finds

It's been so long since I've posted any of my finds!  I haven't really done much thrifting lately, though, and it seems as though the shops have been a bit lacking.  I seem to rely on eBay and Instagram shops for cute finds and vintage supplies these days.  Here are some recent local finds, though-

I think these were actually flea market/antique mall finds, but still they were pretty darn cheap and look at the level of cuteness here.  I mean apples are fine and I guess they're cute, but apples with faces, you're talking serious cute factor!
Damn you sad solo shakers!!  You get me every time!  And this poor fawn's head has been glued back on. I couldn't just leave it behind, because I have to rescue all of the sad unloved items!
Will you just look at this table and chair!  There was no way I was leaving these suckers behind, despite already having a house full of furniture and maybe running a few minutes over my lunch hour to fit them into my car.  I have dreams of waking up early and having my breakfast here, before everyone else in the house wakes up, but until that happens, I've been really enjoying spending a little evening break sitting here while the boys play with their little kitchen set.

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