Thursday, October 30, 2014

Here Comes The Big Parade!

The boys look forward to the fall parade in the little town of McConnellsburg, PA, during the Fulton County Fall Folk Festival.  It mostly consists of tractors and steam engines and almost everyone in the parade has candy to throw.  It's like heaven for my little guys!  Those handsome fellas on the red tractor are my cousin CJ and his son Oakley!  And see that steam engine in the bottom corner?  That was made by a company that used to be right on my street!
I absolutely adore the architecture on the main streets of old towns!  Oh, something else I adore is marching bands!  I don't know that the boys cared about either, because there were buckets just waiting to be filled with candy!
The yellow "car" is actually a tractor in disguise!  I thought there was something so lovely about that rusty old steam engine and I am a complete sucker for cute homemade parade floats!

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