Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October Crafternoon

I actually skipped September's crafternoon and almost passed on this month's as well.  I just haven't really been enjoying the group setting, so instead of showing up and being a grumpy jerk, I have just been staying home.  On the evening before this month's crafternoon, though, I decided I needed to go.  I missed my friends and really have to stop being such a hermit!  Donnie helped me think up my costume, Heidi's number one fan, threw together a good gift for the white elephant exchange, and brewed some iced tea to share with everyone.  I'm so darn glad I went.  It was a nice small group of gals and may have been my favorite craft to date!
Heidi, of course, is always an amazing hostess!  She made everyone little treat bags and Halloween mixes. She made the paper mache shapes ahead of time, so we just had to carve and paint them.  It's a pretty fun and easy process, using a Dremel and X-acto knife.
Once the faces were carved and the paint was dry, we glued printed eyes, noses, and mouths.  I could have made a dozen or more, but stuck to three!
That last minute costume won me a prize!  I'm certain it was the only time someone won anything for having donuts hanging from their hair and glasses.  There won't be a November crafternoon, but I will be sure to attend the December event!

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