Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What's For Dinner?

I've been really lazy lately when it comes to cooking and preparing meals.  That's definitely reflected in my waistline and in the amount of take out containers and restaurant receipts we've been throwing out.  I blame some of it on a busy life and two picky eaters, but I think a lot of it is really just some laziness that has come with my depression.  Yes, that's kind of been back.  I may talk about in a later post, but know that I am once again working on it.  So anyway, last week I finally put my foot down and decided to get back into the habit of planning meals and packing lunches.  I actually really enjoy cooking.  That alone time in the kitchen and watching ingredients come together to make a great finished product is extremely soothing.  I started the week with a skillet pumpkin lasagna that I've made before.  It was delicious, as always, and there was enough left for an easy dinner the next night!  I did some delicious paninis the following night, with fresh mozzarella, basil from our garden, and a bit of pepperoni.  I had leftover ingredients from both meals, the mozzarella and some ricotta.  We have a bounty of all kinds of homegrown tomatoes and there is almost always some puff pastry in the freezer for a quick tart.  Those items, combined with the previously mentioned leftovers made for a great quick and easy sort of rustic tart/pizza.  I never settled on a name, so you decide.

It was yummy and doesn't it look beautiful?  I love the variety of tomatoes and all their different flavors!  So this isn't really something that calls for a recipe, but here are some general instructions.  I used a fork to poke some holes in the thawed puff pastry and then baked it at 400 degrees for about ten minutes.  After letting it cool and settle for a few minutes, I topped it with slices of mozzarella and tomato that I had let drain in a colander, dropped on dollops of ricotta cheese, and sprinkled it with some dried oregano.  Then I stuck the whole thing back in the oven for another ten minutes.  Easy, right?

I've gotten this week's meals planned out again and have been pinning and bookmarking some recipes to try, so I am hoping to stay inspired and keep on cooking.  Anyone have any great dishes or suggestions they'd like to share?

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