Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Thriftstracted Club

I'm running a little behind with this post, since this is July's Thriftstracted Club!  Oops!  I forgot to sign up for August's and I haven't gotten September's yet, though, because I just remembered to sign up a few days ago.  At this point you're probably wondering what the hell I'm even talking about.  So the super awesome Amberly came up with this great idea- a monthly themed package of thrifted, vintage, and handmade goodies!  She seriously goes out of her way to tailor these packages and make them extra fun!  So July's theme was Kitschmas in July and included everything from sweet handmade personalized stockings to vintage gift wrap and seals.  Go to the club's blog or Instagram to find out how you can become a member of this cool club!
So I'm pretty sure Amberly is some kind of machine or maybe she doesn't sleep!  She made the members these adorable stockings and everything about mine is perfect!
I don't know if it gets brought up much on my blog, but I am sort of crazy for goats and especially baby goats!  Clearly I am saving this little guy until I find the perfect place to stick him.
Here are all other great little goodies!  There were some vintage cards too and most of these little stickers and seals were in an envelope that proclaimed, "Molly likes to glue shit to shit."  It's true!

I can't wait to see what this month's package includes!

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