Tuesday, March 26, 2013

All Aboard!

On Saturday we took the boys for a train ride in Walkersville, MD, as part of Oscar's birthday celebration.  I love trains and it makes my heart really happy that my boys share that love.  Now this was no regular train ride.  It was a special Easter Bunny train!  The Easter Bunny walked through the cars waving and posing for pictures (My boys kept their distance!) and handing out plastic eggs with a little toy inside.  After the ride, we checked out some of the old train cars and enjoyed cookies in the train's museum.  It was a really lovely time and I'm sure we will do it again!  You can find more info about the Walkersville Southern Railroad here.

I was glad we boarded early, so I could get a good shot of the sweet old train car.

The birthday boy!

Heck yeah, everyone actually looked at the camera for once!

Their excitement was so cute!

Donnie had no idea of the terror lurking behind him!

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  1. haha, that last picture is so funny! Awww, my son LOVED trains when he was little. It looks like he enjoyed it !