Thursday, March 28, 2013

A New Collection

I was a Brownie, but I never got to officially be a Girl Scout.  That's such a shame, because I would have looked super cute in the uniform!  Maybe it's because of this that I have such a fascination with the Girl Scouts.  I bought the cookbook a few months ago and just bought the other three scout books recently.  I am such a nostalgic sap, so I love that the books have the original owners names and the purchase date in them.  The Cub Scout book has sections where the scout has to have a parent sign off after they've completed an activity and most of it's filled out.  All of the books are full of adorable illustrations, fun crafts, and good recipes!  As I am typing this post, I realize that I have a stack of the old American Girl magazines from the 1950s, so I suppose those were officially the start of this collection.  I can't wait to add to this fun collection!

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