Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Eels @ 9:30 Club

It's been awhile since Donnie and I have been to any shows, but it's something we've always enjoyed doing.  I mentioned  a few weeks ago that we had tickets to see Eels in DC.  We've been looking forward to going, but like the tired parents we are, we had moments where we weren't sure we'd actually go.  It was on a Sunday and didn't even start until after 7pm.  We had dinner at the usual spot we stop at before shows and then we headed out!  I tried taking a few photos, but a dark club and the iPhone camera don't really make for great shots, so enjoy this recap instead!

Now I had found out ahead of time that one of the opening acts was a clown.  Yes, a clown.  Now I don't really love clowns.  They're creepy.  This particular clown, Puddles, is pretty tall and sad looking.  That makes him extra creepy to me.  He doesn't just come out from backstage, like most performers.  Instead he makes his way through the crowd carrying a lantern and a suitcase.  So he gets on stage and he stands there looking sad and I don't think I was alone in wondering what the hell was going on, but then he starts to sing and there is this great deep voice, so lovely.  His voice was seriously so lovely that it took me a moment to notice the monkey girl that was sort of dancing about on stage with him and handing out bananas.  It keeps getting weirder, doesn't it?  He ended his performance with My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion leading into One by Metallica.  Then he jumped down from the stage, motioned for the crowd to part, and walked off carrying his lantern and suitcase.  I was both completely entertained and creeped out by the whole thing!

Here is the only non-live performance I could find!

Next up was Nicole Atkins.  I've had a few of her songs on my iPod for awhile.  Actually when I first downloaded her song, Neptune City, I think I listened to it nearly every day.  It's such a dreamy song.  She was adorable and funny and her voice was just as beautiful live as it is on her songs!

Oddly enough, there are clowns in this video too!

I don't really know what I can say about Eels that will do them justice.  Mr. E is a seriously cool guy, in my book.  He's one of those singers that when I listen to him sing, I can feel the emotion.  Side note, I could do a play list of musicians I feel that way about.  Anyway, back to Eels.  They were amazing!  They wore matching track suits and sunglasses.  Do I need to say anything else? 

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