Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I still play with dolls!

Over the weekend, Heidi had a little tea party themed Blythe get together.  There are only a few of us around here with Blythe dolls, unless there are more in hiding, so it was just a small gathering.  There was even a friend who doesn't have a large Blythe yet.  We are doing our best to change that, though, because we are the worst enablers!  Ha!  It was fun to see everyone's dolls and clothing.  Jessee brought adorable little necklaces, skirts, and dress kits for our girls, Heather showed off her super cute collection of wigs for her girl, and brave Heidi pulled out all of one her girl's hair in preparation for a re-root.  Even I started sanding one of my doll's faces, so I can redo her makeup.  See? Enablers!  You can read about the party and see pics here on Heidi's blog.  I didn't bring my camera to the party, so instead of sharing iphone pics, I thought I'd share a short wishlist of Blythe related goodies!  Anyone else have Blythe dolls??

As always, click the picture to enlarge!

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