Monday, February 4, 2013

Car Trouble

I'm the kind of person who will drive a car until it dies and although my car hasn't actually stopped running yet, I think it's getting close.  It's been spending a lot of time in the garage lately and this last time, it didn't seem to help.  It just won't go very fast and it sounds like a tea kettle whistling.  The cheapskate in me really wants to just send it back to the garage, because I love not having a car payment, but it has nearly 200k miles and the repairs end up being comparable to a car payment anyway.  I slowly drove it to some car lots this weekend and think I've decided on a new(to me) car.  So today's playlist is in honor of my poor dying Daisy.  You've mostly been good to me and gotten me where I need to go, Daisy.  It's just your time.  Everyone names their car, right?

car problems by molldoll527 on Grooveshark

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