Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Little Peek Into My Craft Room

Oh my poor little neglected craft room, I am so happy to say that I have finally given you a pretty good purging and you are ready for some crafty fun!  Before having kids and moving my mom in with us, Donnie and I had lots of our own little spaces.  We just seem to be gaining more occupants and with that comes less of our own space.  I have managed to hold on to a bit of that space, though.  What was originally a balcony and later converted into an enclosed sun porch, has now become my little sanctuary.  I love this little sunny room and am glad to slowly be improving it and working in it again!

This is my little workspace.  It's not usually so tidy, but this was right after the big clean.  There's also my Valentine's Day wreath, in progress at that point, but since finished!        

There's a better depiction, although it still looks pretty neat compared to how it looks right now!  Oh! The table beneath that festive cloth is our original dining table, a beautiful yellow and chrome metal table from the 1940s or 50s.

For someone who doesn't scrapbook, I have a ridiculous amount of paper and stickers.  I also keep all of my copies of old art magazines, because I'm maybe a tiny bit of a hoarder.
Look at all those clean paint brushes!  They go great with the stacks of blank canvases on the shelves across the room! 
I also collect (hoard) stationary and maybe one day I'll stop being an awful pen pal and put that stationary to use!
I may have look through these books once or twice.  Who knows?  Maybe one day I'll complete a project from one!
A proper blogger probably would have fixed that curtain that's hanging higher than the others, but I'm being real here, people.  Oscar likes hanging out in here too.  He calls it the pretty room.

Who cares about seeing the rest of my craft stuff?!  This is the cutest trash can ever!
So here's some proof that I am both crafty and a giant slacker.  I made this little octopus years ago and spray painted the bowl he's in a pretty blue, with the intentions of making him look like he's coming up from water.  He will probably sit like this for another four years!

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