Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fancy iPhone Photos!

I really like taking photos with my iPhone.  It's so convenient, because I almost always have my phone with me, and there are a ton of fun photography related apps.  I know some people take their photos pretty seriously and spend a lot of time editing them and choosing the right filters.  I'm much more about having fun and being silly, which I think you'll see by some of my choices.  I have two folders on my phone that are just photography apps, but I've chosen ten to share.  I have examples from each app, so this post is a long one, but it's worth sticking around until the end!

1. Andigraf -I've had this app for a long time and it gets a lot of use.  Andigraf takes several shots in a row, so it's great for capturing a lot of movement.  You can choose how many shots it takes and the length of time between shots and there are several film and lens choices.

2. Lumi√® -You know those pretty little orbs of light in photos?  They're sometimes called bokeh and that's what this app is all about.  There are various shapes, colors, and patterns of bokeh that can be added to your photos.

3. Magic Hour -If you're looking for filters, this is the app for you.  The app comes with several preset filters and tons more that can be downloaded for free within the app.  There is also an option to make your own filter.

4. Pocketbooth -Who doesn't love old photo booths?  This app turns your iPhone into a photo booth and gives you the option of how many photos are in a strip, the amount of time between photos, and the film that will be used.  We have so much fun with this one! On a side note, check out super adorable baby Oscar in that second photo.  Where has the time gone?!

5.Mr. Chiizu -This app is so fun!!  There are some of the cutest themes that are chock full of stickers and frames.  The app comes with a few free themes and has more that can be purchased within the app.  There are themes by artists I love like Junko Mizuno and Crowded Teeth.

6. CAMERAtan -This is another app that is filled with filters.  The filters can be layered, so there are really so many possibilities.  It's also super easy to use!

7. Pixl-o-matic -I like a lot of options and this app is filled with options for frames and photo effects.  I think this was one of the first photo apps I downloaded and I find myself still using it pretty often.

8.  Maskingtape -Washi tape is all the rage these days, so why shouldn't there be an app where I can add virtual washi tape to my photos?  There is tape in every color and so many different patterns.  You just swipe your finger to add the tape, so you can put it anywhere on the photo.  You can also add text.

9. FingerFace & 10. FingerFace Zoo Edition -These last two are really just purely for entertainment purposes.  Take a picture of your finger or some inanimate object and add really cute and silly faces, hairstyles, and accessories.  I could seriously waste a lot of time with these two!

Those are some my favorites.  What are yours?


  1. That masking tape one looks kind of fun...I'll have to look for it.